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I Can't Believe This Is Happening
To You of all People

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I know you're wondering why right? well it's come to my attention that it'll be better this way and I seriously don't have to tell you why.
Am I accepting friends right now: YES
Comment to be added, if you're gonna add me we have to have at least something in common.

I used to post my graphics at discoveredstars so you'll find all of the stuff I made during that time there. As of now I'm going to be posting my graphics here again.

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35 -- sometimes I sparkle
Apparently I need to post something before I get it is- BOOMBAM.
sometimes I sparkle
(23) Kristen Stewart


credit: gurllie1994
hot linking: please don't do this.
comment: it gives me the confidence to post more icons ;)
text-less icons; are not bases, so don't use them.

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sometimes I sparkle
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sometimes I sparkle